Gillette Cartridge Ganda Vector 2'S
Toko Indomaret

Gillette Cartridge Ganda Vector 2'S

Gillette Cartridge Ganda Vector 2'S

Toko Indomaret |
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Gillette Vector 2s : Gillette Vector Razor fast Twin blades shave you twice with each stroke eliminating irritating repeat strokes for a faster shave than with a double edge blade to give you a close shave and reduce the probability to nick. Comfort strip with lubricants and a touch of aloe gives a more comfortable shave. Hair and debris are removed in 1 easy push of the button. Comfortable - The lubricating strip activates when wet . reducing pulling and skin irritation for a smoother more comfortable shave. The pivoting head automatically adjusts to the curves of your face to give you a safe shave.

Gillette cartridge vector ganda isi 2's


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